Monday, March 1, 2010

Calling all Rainbow Children & Rainbow Warriors

Calling all Rainbow Children & Rainbow Warriors: As humanity moves into 'the shift' Mystic Omorose offers the following teachings channeled directly from spirit. Discover your personal creative rainbow and learn the inner serpent wisdom. Introducing:

Rainbow-Serpent Bridge Reiki ®

Rainbow-Serpent Bridge Reiki ® is a new form of reiki that connects the mythology and symbolism of the serpent and the rainbow together with rei-ki or universal life force energy assisting to anchor a bridge from earth to heaven ushering in paradise on earth.

Rainbow-Serpent Bridge Reiki ® offers powerful transformative methods for accelerating consciousness through the synergistic use of sacred symbols, harmonic sound vibrations and vibrant color visualizations. The techniques suggested within this form of reiki offer advanced opportunities to awaken one’s serpent kundalini and rainbow body into the emerging new world that many ancient indigenous cultures refer to as "the fifth world" or the world of harmony with all of nature and each other.

The Hopi and Native Americans refer to "Rainbow Children" and "Warriors of the Rainbow"as people who come together of all creeds, colors, and cultures during the great shift, to restore earth to it’s former beauty. "Serpents of Wisdom" are referred to by Amazon Shamans as enlightened souls who have cleared all of their chakras acquiring a "rainbow body".

Evidence surfacing today reveals that our DNA is made up of color, sound and light. By shifting the vibration of these elements, we restructure our DNA into accelerated levels of re-patterning and vibration taking one into higher levels of being or consciousness. We are moving into a new world of enlightened and ascended energies. A world in which the old outworn ways no longer work. We are shedding our skins like snakes and being asked to illuminate our hearts with all colors of the rainbow to show our mastery.

The Rainbow-Serpent Bridge Reiki ® has 22 symbols based upon alchemical wisdom. Unlike symbols offered through various other lineages, the Rainbow Serpent Bridge Reiki Symbols are in color. Included with this course are valuable esoteric ancient mystery school secrets including how Jesus Christ and Saint Germain were closely associated with serpent wisdom and how reciting certain powerful mantras encourage the awakening of the kundalini life force energy within the body.

Are you a "Rainbow Warrior" or "Rainbow Child"? Do you have a calling to help the earth come to balance and bring peace to the world? Do you feel a sense of urgency to complete a divine mission revolving around helping the peoples of the earth and government structures to heal? Do you care for animals, the waters, the forest, the air? Do you envision a place where there is total beauty, harmony and unconditional love for all of humanity and all of earth? The teachings of the Rainbow-Serpent Bridge Reiki ® call to those who answer yes to any of the above questions and to those who feel guided and driven by their higher selves to learn more about the transformative medicine of the serpent and the powers of the rainbow.

This reiki is brought to the world by Omorose, a Clairvoyant Mystic who received powerful visions and inspirations while meditating in an area of Sedona, AZ known as "Rainbow Bridge". After encountering 8 snakes in a twelve week period and capturing rare and unusual photographs of angelic rainbows in two powerful vortexes of Sedona synchronistically thereafter, Omorose felt an urgent calling from higher self which led her to bring this reiki to the world.


  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?

  2. Thank you. I did not know these e-books were available online. Blessings-