Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hidden Gifts

Every person who presents a challenge to us, there is a hidden gift. When we throw away the gift, without opening it fully. We ignorantly discard the gems of our greatest lessons and potential breakthroughs, which can lead us to the next level of our evolution. For when we judge a book by it's cover, or tear off the wrapping paper quickly without truly embracing these inner gifts that spirit presents us with (which are really just opportunities in disguise), we often smugly move forward labeling these challenges as a nuisance, annoying, defective, not worthy of our time or love, or just plain an energy drain. But the truth is, that we drain our own energy through judgement, and block our own success by withholding love, compassion and understanding from others. I dare you, to accept the next challenge or challenging person who comes your way, and find the fruits of it's divine blessings. No cheating, and tossing the wrapping paper out before you get to the inside of the matter. Really unwrap it all to the core, and take your meditative time. There is a glittering diamond hiding somewhere in the middle, just waiting to ignite your open heart with profundity. 



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