Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hidden Talents

Hidden talents are like thick woods; dark, cold, damp, largely obscured. When we learn to tap into our potential and passions, the forest begins to light up with overflowing inspiration. This divine energy then goes out to bless others, inspiring other hidden talents to emerge into the field. Until eventually, everyone on earth is fully aligned with their divine mission and life purpose. As we each drum or passionately play in harmony with our souls calling here on mother earth. A bridge is linked from our heart directly to source, like a tree extending out into the divine cosmos. With each unique beat and rhythm fully embraced from within, and genuinely expressed openly instead of 'repressed'. This weaves around the world to activate the rainbow bridge which anchors 'heaven on earth.' Wherever anyone stands in this exact moment. A commitment can be made to be a part of the rainbow bridge. The key is to simply follow one's bliss! Then to share this contagious energy with others.
Which is why I share this post with all of you today. Because I love writing, I am passionate about photography, and playing this buffalo drum is like aligning with pure bliss!

Mystic Omorose~

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