Thursday, April 19, 2018

One Love....

This morning. I just wanted to share a little love that is hanging on my wall. As a reminder of the love that is a fundamental substance of ALL. A love connecting each ONE of us to our mighty I AM presence and heart center. Which inspires the wings of our inner angel to fly and expand outwards. With acts of kindness, love, forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves and others. Creating a ripple effect through the ALL of our ONE LOVE connection to source and ALL that is! 

ONE Love is a reflection of that pure unconditional love...............

So just wanted to share her today. With a big hug of gratitude and love to all of you! So if you are reading this. Please know that you are dearly loved, appreciated, and valued! As part of the ALL.

Now go spread your wings. And create more ripples.............. ♥


Mystic O~

One Love painting created by Mystic Omorose 2017-

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