Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Heart of Rose Quartz

Today I stumbled accross this photograph in my collection of gems. I will never forget meeting this amazing & rare rose quartz piece last year at a garage sale. Sitting outside of this soon to be vacant yard, the spirits of this massive rose quartz crystal beckoned my heart & soul as if to say "come and play with me"!!!! There ready and waiting for it's new owner stood the largest piece of rose quartz I had ever witnessed in my entire life. It must have weighed over a ton, since the owners mentioned needing a forklift to set it in their yard. With only 8 other pieces discovered that large in the entire world, it was a natural honor to connect with the preciousness of mother earth's grace and beauty in this way. As I gently placed my ear next to the heart of this rose quartz piece, she gently whispered into my ear "this love I carry inside of me, is also inside of you. Please share this love with everyone you meet, as I do with you. Remind all whom you meet of the love they have in their hearts!" Well, needless to say I left with a big smile on my face and a memory that will stay in my heart for eternity. ps: If you are reading this.....I love you!

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