Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Today I was blessed to spend time with a dear friend and participate in a ceremony at a labyrinth in the power spot of Sedona, Arizona. I recall walking the laby in silence or meditation to reach the still point or middle, where there is a big bowl of rocks, crystals and other items that previous walkers have placed into the bowl as an offering to the universe. After reading aloud my prayer and invoking a prosperity ceremony, I placed three beautiful, clear crystals into the laby which were charged with love on Wesak Full Moon. Feeling rather expanded and joyful I walked out of the laby in silence, a few small tears streaking my cheek, as I felt that my prayer had already been answered.

Upon returning home, I discovered that in fact not only was my prayer in the process of being answered, but that spirit had communicated this to me through the remaining Wesak crystals which I had on my altar (connected to the ones used in the laby offering). They moved 'so to speak' and that is all I will say. So, it is true what they say when you pray with your heart and/or when you pray in a power spot; the universe will hear and answer your prayers more quickly. The great news however is that no matter where you are in the world, even if you cannot get to a power spot, your prayers will be answered in divine timing! The key is to KNOW and FEEL through your inner heart, that your prayer has already been answered and IT WILL BE! I pray that this message reaches all who can benefit or feel inspired from reading it. Divine Blessings, Omorose-

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