Sunday, December 4, 2016

Violet Flame Orgone Cupcakes

For a limited time, please enjoy my newest hand crafted Violet Flame Orgone Cupcakes . These are made in small batches with focused intention, love and prayer. Each energy clearing orgone device includes a small copper tesla coil, selenite, andara powder from Mt Shasta, Laminar (for water clearing), selected crystals (for chakra balancing/EMF neutralization), activated aluminum stars and glitter. Imprinted with scalar energies to include the power of the violet flame. Their field of clearing has been measured to encompass a 75 foot radius with dowsing rods.

Use for space clearing, water charging, aura balancing, neutralizing unfavorable energies from cell phone and computer usage.

Limited supply. In heart or round shape. Please contact me with interest using the contact form on my website.

Please watch my video below to discover more about the amazing benefits of orgone.

May Blessings.

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