Thursday, March 9, 2017

10 Ways that Angels communicate with us

Angels wish to communicate with us in both seen and unseen ways. However in order to discover their heart felt messages. We have to open our eyes, senses and attention to receive their guidance and spiritual messages. Ten ways I have discovered that angels use to communicate. Are often found in or moving through the following forms below. Experiencing any of these signs can often indicate a sign from your angels including: a yes, a sign to move forward, comfort, a prayer answered, a special message, guidance, or confirmation of something important to pay attention to. 

Here are 10 signs:

1. Noticing synchronicity in repeat numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 showing up.
2. Helpful people coming into our lives.
3. Exciting dreams and dream visions unfolding.
4. Open parking spaces when we least expect it.
5. Sudden inspiration to act on something important.
6. Spontaneous aroma of flowers when there are none around.
7. Hummingbirds, Dragonflies and Butterflies abound!
8. Music; hearing words which suddenly answer questions! Especially lyrics in songs.
9. Animals or pets sudden behavior change; can indicate messages coming through!
10. Appearance of Spirit Orbs.

The above photo shows a blue spirit orb that was communicating with me while meditating out in nature. Blue orbs are strongly known to be connected to the energies of Archangel Michael, as well they open a space for channeling spirit and direct communication with the divine. The photo below shows a white spirit orb and violet orb connecting while I was focusing on the energy of appreciation and gratitude. White orbs are known to be spirit guides or angels and violet orbs often indicate the energy or presence of ascended masters.

I love to connect with spirit, and have been consciously connecting with the realm of angels and the divine for several years through intention, meditation, sacred ceremony and channelings. If you would like to receive an angel reading from me, I will happily call in your angels and guides to deliver important messages. And relay them back to you. Just click here to treat yourself to an angel reading.

And most importantly.

Have a beautiful, magical, uplifting, day filled with the wings and soft whispers of your spiritual support teams. As I finish writing this post, my computer is now showing the time 4:44!

In gratitude~

Mystic Omorose~

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