Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mandalas hidden gifts

Rose Petal Mandala created by Mystic Omorose 03-14-17. 

Mandalas offer the gift of opening a portal to higher consciousness. As well they can be used for meditation, spiritual awakening, and energy activation. By simply gazing at a mandala, a transmission of energy takes place. Transporting the recipient into an opening or space to receive; spiritual blessings and divine gifts of the sacred circle. As mandalas are generally created in a sacred space. And the term 'mandala' is actually a symbol for 'circle' or 'wholeness'. 

While creating this mandala, I asked the great spirit to guide me into a place of pure joy and flow, and this is what resulted. The center of this mandala has a hand painted shell I created with a beautiful flower bead attached. As well rose petals were included. As a reminder that the flowering of inspiration actually comes from a place of divine flow and pure joy!


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