Monday, February 15, 2010

The Key to Attracting your Desires

This Valentine's Day I attended a powerful fire ceremony led by a native american shaman elder in Sedona. I remember feeling goose bumps as the wind began to pick up with the announcement of the new moon and Chinese new year falling on this auspicious day. Overlooking the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona and adjacent to a magical pine tree forest, it almost felt like being in a world between worlds. As this inspirational wisdom teacher brought our focus upon unity and harmony, I remember key words being spoken that are still echoing within my heart and soul. "You attract what you want into your life from the inside. You do not go reaching from outside yourself to chase after your desires. " Ah, ha! I thought to myself in truth, as this is exactly what I was recognizing earlier within the day based upon my own life experiences of struggle and triumph. So remember this the next time you have a goal in mind. Silently go within, set your intention, ask the great spirit with heart/prayer, allow, trust, be ready to receive and watch your desires be magnetized to you in divine timing.

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