Monday, February 22, 2010

The Most Benevolent Outcome

Twice this month I was presented with a reminder to ask for the most benevolent outcome in all areas of my life. As I started using this intention a few weeks ago, I have already noticed how it is allowing me to more easily let go of the temptation to try and control the final result of many events in my life. This in turn assists with the process of surrendering to a higher power and trusting that all manifestations are happening for the highest good of all. Through this process of surrender and intentional creation, fear and anxiety begin to lift as an inner knowing replaces all doubt. The need to control outcomes or cling to certain fixed beliefs or ideas begins to fade and everything suddenly takes on magical new meaning. Now when I am facing a situation that has an unknown outcome, I just give it my very best in heart and soul. Then I release it to spirit for the most benevolent outcome. When I don't get what I want, I just smile and say "this is happening for the most benevolent outcome". The more I do this, the more easily I am able to let go of what isn't working in my life and move towards what is empowering and flowing. The more focus that is put into the most benevolent outcome, the more life becomes a friendly, inviting place full of daily smiles and joy. It only takes a few minutes to do each day, so try it for yourself and see what happens. I guarantee that whatever manifests for you, it will be for the most benevolent outcome because after all, that is what you asked for!

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