Sunday, February 7, 2010

Creating A New Reality

Last week I visited the medicine wheel at the community Stupa in Sedona. As I entered the circle, I thanked the great spirits of the land for inviting me into the heart of this sacred geometry formation . Finding my way to the center, I began to tone sacred vowels and mantras while visualizing the God force entering my body. With a set of Egyptian Healing Rods in each hand, I continued to tone & chant until a shift began to take place vibrationally within me. After about 15 minutes I felt my heart begin to open, and I saw a vision of several powerful women in a circle around me. In this vision, these amazing souls were coming together to co-create a new reality. We were toning, praying and setting our intention for the greatest good of all humanity. I left the circle with a sense of peace and calm.

The next day I called a friend I had not spoken to in a few months, but was guided to connect with. She was so excited to hear from me, and indicated that I had been on her list to call this week. During the conversation, and out of the blue she said that she had a vision of 9 powerful women coming together in a circle to create positive change for these times. I did not feel goosebumps inside my body, but rather a powerful bolt of electricity surge through my entire chakra system. I still wonder, was it first her vision or mine or both of ours coming together to create this new reality? Either way, the circle is already manifesting and this I believe is how we will create in the new vibrational energies of the planet. Intention + visualizing + heartfelt prayer + trust = one's reality. I am practicing this daily, although some things seem easier to manifest than others. One thing I know for certain is that stepping outside of this formula is not wrong. It just creates alot of pain and illness for the body, mind, and spirit especially if fear is present within. We all learn and grown in our own way, so each of our experiences are divine no matter what. Just the same, I believe it is now time to come together and help each other clear the fear, and embrace heaven on earth.

Wherever you are on the planet, know that you too can create a circle of powerful women or men in your community. Set your intention and know that if it is for the highest good, all positive things will manfiest out of your circle. It is time to come together and be the change we wish to see in the world. Let us come together in remembrance and embrace the oneness which we all are. Holding a vision of love and peace together we become heaven on earth...

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